January 31 2012  -  I was in Detroit and drove around the city looking at the unbelievable urban/suburban decay.
Words don't/can't describe it.  These 2 pics sum it up as a complete disaster.  Above is a typical Detroit city street.
Thousands of abandoned houses and commercial buildings.  Complete neighbourhoods abandoned.  All utilities cut-off.
Below is close-up of "for sale sign" on first house.  Price reduced from $500 to $200 (whole new meaning to "Open House").
Factories and industrial areas are worse, they've been completely abandoned for decades and nobody has ever gone back.
These areas are infested everywhere with squatters and looters taking anything and everything worth anything.
Urban decay goes on for tens of square miles.  If one of these houses could be resurrected, you wouldn't last long in it.
I would NEVER get out of my locked car or drive after dark in these areas.  ALWAYS be ready to "boot it", I had to.

Unbelievable disaster area has to be seen - Google Detroit Decay.

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